About Me

Some Background on Myself

Some Background About Me

I am a qualified accountant and member of Association for Coaching (AC) with over 30 years experience of direct business management, business ownership and supporting businesses in ‘hands-on’ consulting and advisory roles. Since my teenage days of watching the original ‘TV Troubleshooter’, Sir John Harvey-Jones, I have always had a particular interest in turning around challenging business situations and enhancing the potential of business ventures.

Over the years I have had many highs in my business and personal life; however, like many people, I have also hit some walls. So, driven by a determination to find the ‘why’s’ of my own challenges, I crossed the paths of many great teachers, both in person and through their writings.

Along the way I learned, just like the business owners in those early ‘Troubleshooter’ programmes, that it was my thinking and consequent actions which had created all of the circumstances in my business and personal life, both good and bad. I also learned how to recognise and challenge the unsupportive stuff and that when I applied the learning, my circumstances changed for the better. Today, I am still learning and still changing …….

In my consulting work I began, initially unwittingly and then consciously, to apply the learning to client situations, with very marked results such as significant positive shifts in the thinking and actions of the business owners. Witnessing these situations combined with my own profound turnaround resulted in my decision several years ago to swap the role of a ‘ business fixer’ for that of a Coach. As a Coach, I wanted to teach these principles and to work with people in business who are faced with similar challenges in their own businesses or careers.

Today I work with a range of clients including business owners, service professionals and executives, all of whom share the desire to improve their circumstances, take full responsibility for their situation and are open to learning.  The process is not complex. We just start with the problem or issue in hand and from there we explore, challenge and create possibilities.