So, why am I starting to write again?

Well, the first reason is that I enjoy it and I have missed the weekly practice of sharing some learning or discovery that I made during the previous week. It begs the question as to why I stopped after keeping the weekly discipline going for almost two years? The truth is that I fell out of love with it, in much the same way that I had fallen out of love with the work I was doing in the business coaching arena but I didn’t really know what I should do instead.

It has taken me a while to get clear on that and in reality, all I have done is accept what I already knew which is that my interest is in working with, coaching, mentoring and even teaching people in whatever situation they are in regardless of whether it is personal, career or business. So whilst I am not refusing to deal with someone who turns up at my door with a business issue to solve, I am not holding myself out as a business coach anymore.

I now work to support, coach, educate and share my experiences and learning with people who want to solve problems, overcome challenges and improve themselves, in much the same way that I do for myself and, if in pursuit of that they are happier, healthier, more successful then that is an added bonus.

My plan is to create helpful teaching and information resources online and reach audiences both at home and abroad and generate an income from that whilst also working with people both in person and in groups, in whatever form that might take – currently I am coaching people one-to-one and I also have a mastermind group.

I’m excited about it all and look forward to sharing the journey with you in terms of what I learn along the way and the experiences that I encounter. It should be fun but I know that it will be difficult too but that is where the learning and hopefully, the joy happens.

As for you receiving this email now, I decided that I wanted to start all over again with my relationships and contacts. I deleted my LinkedIn account with all of my mostly tenuous connections and recreated it anew to start again from scratch. I have also pared back my email list to just a handful of friends and people who I have worked with recently and you happen to be one of those who have drawn the short straw! 🙂 

However, if you would rather not receive a communication from me, which will typically be once a week, then please feel free to unsubscribe as I would rather I wasn’t another pain in the ass spammer clogging up your inbox and I definitely won’t be offended if you decide not to continue. 

That said, on the other hand, if you think someone might benefit from being on the list and receiving my regular emails then feel free to forward it on or suggest that they sign up on my website at