This might seem like a strange headline and even moreso given the fact that this is the first post of the year and most of what we typically hear at this time is; ‘What are your goals? Have you set them? Are they SMART? Unless you write them down you have no chance of achieving them! Have you created your plan? Your budget? Have you written your bucket list?’

The problem with all of this stuff is that none of it is of any value unless you take some action. The reason we often don’t take action is that we are afraid of failing or being seen to fail. Or perhaps we think that what we are aiming for or trying to achieve or make or create will be no good.

So subconsciously we decide that it’s best not to risk it. It’s best to be safe. It’s best not to try.

How can we get past this block and see enough of a chink of the light of possibility that we will push beyond the fear and get started.

It’s not about being motivated per se. Usually when we are compelled by anger or the fear of the alternative, such as a life or death situation, we act and it is easy to understand why.

But much of what we desire or have a longing to see or do is not ‘life or death’. It is optional. So we can ignore it or let it go or just not bother.

So again, how do we get past this apathy, this fear?

There is only one way.

To make peace with failure! To reframe it as nothing other than information.

How? Just call to mind and write down all of the things that ‘failure’ in this situation means to you. All of the awful consequences that your mind is telling you will ensue if your efforts are unsuccessful.

When they are all listed down on the page, take a good look at each line and one by one ask yourself ‘Is it true?’ and if the answer is ‘Yes’ then ask ‘How will I handle it if it happens?’

Then watch as the chains created by these imagined ‘consequences’ fall away as you realise that failure is okay, that the imagined consequences are just that – imagined! That it’s all just feedback or information with which to improve or learn from.

The fear is gone because you have seen through it and you know that you can handle it either way.

So now, take one thing that you would love to do, build, paint, create or experience that you were stalling on or procrastinating about. Just get started.

Be prepared to succeed and also be prepared to fail. It doesn’t matter because armed with what you learn, you will succeed the next time or the next. You will get there eventually, just like Edison testing those thousands of light bulbs. You will get there provided you don’t stop because giving up is the only true form of failure.

So onwards and upwards to success, with a few failure detours along the way! Happy New Year. May it be your best ever.