A list of the People, Websites & Books that Influenced Me
People & Websites – Steve Chandler is someone whom I always look forward to reading/listening to whatever he writes or issues in his audio programmes. He is no nonsense and direct, pulls no punches either about his own life or what is needed to improve your own. He is a coach and a trainer of coaches and despite only starting to write in his late forties is a prolific author of books like ’17 Lies That Are Holding You Back, ‘Fearless’, ‘Time Warrior’, ‘The Prosperous Coach’ . – The Work is a simple but effective process created by an amazing lady, Byron Katie. It is is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause the anger, fear, depression, addiction and violence in the world. Her YouTube videos of her teaching ‘The Work’ to workshop participants are inspiring as well as challenging and even uncomfortable at times. – This is the website of Patrick Lencioni, author of ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and ‘Getting Naked’ to name but two. I love his style of teaching which is typically in the form of a fable. – This is my main resource for listening and learning on the go. I download audio books to my iPhone and listen whilst in the car. It is a such a more productive alternative to listening to news related programming on the radio which, by necessity, is predominantly negative.

Leadership Books

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni) – I love instructional books written in the form of a fable and this is Patrick Lencioni’s best known of the 9 or 10 that he has written. The most significant message is that the leadership or management team is the No. 1 Team in any business and not just a group of individual divisional heads who come together every month for a management meeting! It’s a simple and powerful message.

Death By Meeting (Patrick Lencioni) – Yet again another instructional fable which, despite the title, actually extolls the virtues of having proper, effective meetings and not the long winded and fixed agenda type gatherings that we have suffered with and mostly hated over our careers. The main message is that meetings should be about addressing specific issues or problems which are fundamental to the business – Everyone gets the opportunity to have their say, agree or disagree, and then a decision is made with the whole team, regardless of personal views, getting behind the decision.

Coaching Books

The Prosperous Coach (Steve Chandler & Rich Litvin) – Most coaching books are about, well, coaching and techniques, which is typical of the training that is available on the many courses that people take to learn about coaching. Steve Chandler is a coach and believes that there are many people lost to coaching because they don’t know how to create a business and in turn, that means that there are many people denied the benefits of working with a coach in turning their lives or businesses around. In this book, with Rich Litvin, they teach that it is not about selling and it is certainly not about promoting oneself as a coach or one’s credentials/qualifications, instead it is about building your business by showing people what coaching is about and demonstrating it in live sessions. It follows the adage in all service based businesses (in fact, in all businesses) that ‘it is not about you and what you have to sell but rather its about the client and if you help them get what they want!’

Mindset & Thinking

I labelled this section Mindset & Thinking but it really covers all things related to examining the human psyche and what makes us tick.

The Icarus Deception (Seth Godin) – This is my favourite book from Seth Godin thus far and i do like most of his previous ones. The essence of the book, for me, is that we are all artists who, if we try to play it safe, fit in or manipulate our work in order for it to be liked then we are not being true to ourselves and not creating real art. It is only when we are fully authentic, real, honest and vulnerable in our work that it is really meaningful and transformative be it when we paint a picture or deliver a coaching session.

Sports Performance

Zen Golf ( Dr Joseph Parent) – This is a book that I listened to several years ago when I was playing a lot more golf than I am now and I have listening to it many times since. It is full of anecdotes and illustrations of how the principles of eastern practices, mainly through mindfulness, can be applied to sport and in this case, Golf. The thing is, the teachings are applicable to everything we do in life and beyond golf it is a handbook for a way of being.