It’s Our Thinking That Makes All The Difference!

100% of the time “success” has nothing to do with who or what we know. Rather, it has everything to do with what we are thinking.
It is our thoughts, perceptions and reactions to situations that is the key to unlocking all of our potential and revealing our best selves! Maximising this potential is what determines our success.

Are You Facing a Business Challenge?

My name is Vincent Byrne and I work with Business Owners, Service Professionals and Senior Executives. They typically come to me in order to address issues that they are having in operating their businesses, be it in dealing with difficult relationships, gaining clarity in plotting a business direction or overcoming obstacles to the business being successful.

The people that get most from our conversations are those who are open to learning and who are not looking for a quick fix but rather see and understand that the key to achieving whatever success means to them is entirely in their own hands. Our conversations seem to consistently bring up new ‘aha’s’ which, when given the space, people discover for themselves and are more likely to implement. I have found over the years that dispensing advice has limited value and so the true path to achieving tangible results is to help people towards their own realisations by holding the space, being curious, challenging and occasionally offering some relevant learning.

If this sounds like something that you might find of value, why not follow this ‘What’s The Problem?‘ link, complete some preliminary information and I will get back to you to start a conversation to see if I can indeed help you with your current challenge.

How Are You Going To Fail This Year?

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End Of Year Reflection

As we approach the end of the year and before the Christmas mayhem really begins, I wondered about what kind of piece might be appropriate today. Having thought about it for a while I decided to put it back on you and pose you a few questions that might cause you to...

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Ignore The Gremlins

There is often a difficulty on a Monday evening when the words and thoughts and ideas seem to have dried up, inspiration is on strike and the midnight deadline is looming large. I have asked myself many times ‘Do I miss it … just the one time or do I keep it going?’...

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