“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”


A Bit About Me

Vincent Byrne

I am a qualified accountant and member of Association for Coaching (AC) with over 30 years experience of business management, business ownership and supporting businesses in ‘hands-on’ consulting and advisory roles. Since my teenage days of watching the original ‘TV Troubleshooter’, Sir John Harvey-Jones, I have always had a particular interest in turning around challenging business situations and enhancing the potential of business ventures.

Over the years I have had many highs in my business and personal life; however, like many people, I have also hit some walls. So, driven by a determination to find the ‘why’s’ of my own challenges, I crossed the paths of many great teachers, both in person and through their writings.

Along the way, I learned, just like the business owners in those early ‘Troubleshooter’ programmes, that it was my thinking and consequent actions which had created all of the circumstances in my business and personal life, both good and bad. I also learned how to recognise and challenge the unsupportive stuff and that when I applied the learning, my circumstances changed for the better. Today, I am still learning and still changing.

In my consulting work, I began, initially unwittingly and then consciously, to apply the learning to client situations, with very marked results such as significant positive shifts in the thinking and actions of the business owners. Witnessing these situations combined with my own profound turnaround resulted in my decision several years ago to swap the role of a ‘ business fixer’ for that of a coach. As a coach, I wanted to teach these principles and to work with people in business who are faced with similar challenges in their own businesses or careers.

As I delved further into this space and took many training courses, I found that the recognised coaching models and processes did not resonate with me and I always felt that there was more that the client could achieve for themselves and ultimately their businesses. It wasn’t until I discovered the work of Byron Katie and her process known as ‘The Work’ that my interest was piqued. Subsequently, I found Nany Kline and her book ‘Time To Think’ and realised that this is what I was looking for and so I immersed myself in her teachings and saw the evidence in front of me of the positive, transformational and life-changing impact of creating a thinking environment.

I now no longer coach clients, I simply create a thinking environment for them as a committed thinking partner and watch the power of that person go into action. It is both humbling and incredible to witness.

Today I work with a range of clients including business owners, service professionals, artists and executives, all of whom share the desire to improve their circumstances, take full responsibility for their situation and are open to learning.

If you are seriously interested in working with me and in experiencing the impact of a thinking environment, and you have the commitment and focus to do so, please e-mail me at:


More About Me

I think it is important to give people who don’t know you a sense of who you are. It is crucial for developing great relationships and after all that is what makes the world go around when we understand each other and share common interests.

So, I was born in Dublin in 1963 which makes me old but not very wise. I loved sport when I was growing up particularly Gaelic games, football and hurling and latterly soccer. I also played rugby in secondary (high) school and was also pretty handy at squash.

I never really had a fixed idea about what I wanted to do after school, I did have an interest in art but not very strong back then and I was leaning towards architecture but the economy at the time was pretty bad and it was a difficult course to get into. So, having had some experience of doing my dads ‘book’s for his business I decided to choose Commerce as my degree course in University but a series of events in that summer resulted in me getting an ‘apprenticed’ job in a small accounting office. I ended up not going to College and instead studied the professional accounting qualification at night and despite working and studying at the same time, managed to get through and qualify.

It is my one regret that I didn’t have the experience of a College Campus back then and I see it in my own kids as they navigated through it and still conclude that it would have been beneficial and life-enhancing.

I have three children, although they are not children now – Peter is 27 and is circumnavigating the globe as a travelling musician and booking agent, Niall is 24 and is studying graphic design and Ann-Marie is 21 and she is studying Business and Law.

In terms of interests, I am a big foodie fan along with the obligatory wine and I like cooking, however, I made a decision a couple of years ago, for health reasons, to switch to a plant-based diet and I have not looked back. My health, weight and general sense of wellbeing have dramatically improved and whilst I am not, I hope, a pain in the ass about it and trying to convert others, I do love a good conversation about the topic of our food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and western medicine.

I love writing, photography, art, sketching, hand-writing but don’t do enough of any of it and like a lot of people I don’t print enough of my photos or pictures and get them framed. I also love making things and I am doing a woodworking class on a regular basis to have the satisfaction of actually following through on that interest. I love design and all things related to it whether it be buildings, interiors, products or graphics and the ‘Design Matters’ Podcast by Debbie Millman is one of my go-to listens every week. I also love music, all kinds and I must say that Spotify together with Sonos speakers have been an amazing enhancement to my life.

In sport, my main interests are in soccer and I have supported Liverpool FC since I was 8 years old (the 1971 FA Cup Final versus Arsenal and being beaten by that Charlie George wonder goal was my first experience of the rollercoaster of being an LFC fan over the past forty-something years). I also enjoy rugby and the fortunes of both Leinster and Ireland. I am renowned for getting jittery and making subconscious movements as if kicking or heading a ball that makes people very nervous around me! I also played quite a lot of golf but not so much in the past few years – I even managed to get my handicap down to 8!

My main passion has been personal growth and improvement ever since I started to develop some kind of personal awareness around the age of 40. Up until that point I realise now that I know very little about myself and life and other people. I had operated on the premise that if I worked hard and made good choices that everything would work out. A few things that happened in my work and personal life showed me that that was not a given and I struggled with that realisation along with the breaking down of my marriage.

Since then I have studied psychology, coaching, energy work, spirituality, eastern philosophy, personal growth and improvement and all things in between. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts whenever possible and there is always a book on the go. There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than sharing some new insight or learning with friends and clients. I also have no qualms about sharing my experiences, good and not so good, with clients and workshop attendees in order that they might learn sooner than I did. However, I always need to bear in mind that people need to find their own way despite the information I share with them.  I suppose that makes me a natural teacher.