I was watching a video of an old talk by the recently deceased, Wayne Dyer, over the weekend. In it he referred to a quote from the great American author and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, in which he set out his simple recipe for success in life.

Thoreau said;

‘If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and you endeavour to live the life that you have imagined, then you will meet with success unimagined, in common hours.’

Dyer went on to give his own interpretation of the quote suggesting that to ‘advance confidently’ meant taking courageous actions and making decisions and choices that make sense and feel right to you.

He also said that it was about being independent of the opinions of others, trusting your heart and knowing that there is music, a gift, inside you and that must be shared with others. He remarked that too many of us don’t achieve this and we regrettably die with our music still inside.

Thoreau lived between 1817 and 1862, and it’s funny how his message ‘to follow your gut, to be determined and not to be swayed by others opinions’ is one that is still as fresh and relevant today.

It’s also interesting how these lessons show up and then shortly afterwards you find use for them yourself or in sharing with others.

In fact, just today, a couple of friends and clients of mine needed to hear a similar message and whilst not quoting verbatim I was able to share the underlying wisdom of Messer’s Thoreau and Dyer. It made a difference. It turned frustration and anger into possibility and opportunity.

So I thought it might be worth passing it on and sharing it with you too.