Working Together

“Listening, with full attention, in order to understand rather than respond is the greatest gift that you can give someone.”

Jonathan Lehmann

This Work is Not For the Faint Hearted

I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment and vision. I am constantly amazed at what is generated when two people sit together, speak and listen from a space of safety and candour. There is nothing quite like the process of creation. I love what I do and I love whom I do it with.

It has been my great privilege to personally coach a wide variety of extraordinary human beings. I have worked with individuals as young as 17 and as old as 65. I work with individuals from different walks of life whether they be professionals, artists, sports people, creatives business owners, employees and corporate executives.

If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist. If you need therapy, get a good psychologist. If you want to be in a thinking environment, a creative space that will allow you to think, go deep, and see clearly, then work with someone like me.

If you are seriously interested in this work and in exploring the possibilities of what you might create for your life, and have the commitment and focus to do so, please e-mail:

The Practicalities

The holding of the Thinking Space, in person, is the most effective way of working together so ideally, the best way to conduct Thinking Sessions are face to face with me in Dublin, Ireland.

Arrangements can be made to conduct sessions at a mutually agreeable location once relevant travel time, outlay, accommodation and session location costs are covered by the client. In addition, Thinking Sessions can be conducted via the internet using communications tools such as Zoom.

I work with most clients between one to three years and in particular, with those people whose word is more powerful than any contract or legal commitment.

Fees will be invoiced monthly in advance and must be paid prior to the sessions taking place, and are non-refundable.