Let’s have a Coaching Conversation

Thank you for taking the first step to having a coaching conversation with me. I explain below what that will look like because if you are someone who has never worked with a coach before, or even if you have, you might be a little curious.

What is a Coaching Conversation?

Essentially, the purpose of the conversation is to show you what being in a coaching session with me looks like. Hopefully, you will experience a breakthrough or some form of creative resolution to whatever issue is challenging you.

It will be a real coaching session.

It won’t be a call in which I extoll the virtues of coaching and how it will change your life and business. Nor will it be a call during which I try to sell you a coaching package, course or membership. In fact, I won’t mention it at all unless you ask.

If you do ask, I will most likely suggest that you take your time, slow things down, let the impact of the session sink in and if you are still really interested, then we can organise a call to discuss if both of us wish to move forward. I say that because it is as important for me to find the right clients to work with, as it is for you to find the right coach.

Only then can we create great things together.

If after reading all of this, you are still interested in booking a coaching conversation, I ask that you give it your best and complete the form below. The more information you give about your business and the challenges you face, the better it will provide an indication of how serious you are. Working with me is a big commitment of time and money and I am only excited about working with business owners who are serious about changing their business and life circumstances.

So go for it!

For my part, I commit to getting back to you within 24 hours in order to arrange a date and time for our coaching conversation.

Business / personal details

Your three main challenges

What do you want to achieve through coaching?

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If you don’t wish to arrange a conversation at this time, then perhaps a smaller step would be to sign up for my bi-monthly email articles using the form below. I promise you will not be spammed or put into a sales funnel; you will just receive a useful email a couple of times a month.

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