Working together

Creating and running a business takes a huge amount of time and commitment. It is never fully ‘done’ because when a business is not developing and growing, then it is dying.

As the founder and sole business owner, the process can be intense, seemingly never ending and places a huge burden of responsibility on you, which in turn leads to stress and overwhelm.

This is exacerbated if you are alone and don’t receive guidance, support, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on from anyone.

The work that I do with business owners speaks to all of these areas and more. It is a combination of coaching, advising and mentoring with the main emphasis on coaching because ultimately this is the ideal way for a business owner to benefit from the process.

These benefits include but are not limited to:

The ultimate impact of working with me is a better business and a better life: each engagement is tailored to the specific needs of each client and their circumstances.

The reason that my coaching relationships are for a minimum of six months is because these kinds of changes and achievements rarely happen sooner and they involve sustained thinking, action and incremental improvements.

A minimum of two sessions a month is needed to build a proper working relationship and assess its effectiveness.

It is therefore a big commitment on the part of the business owner.

That is why we should first have no-obligation coaching conversations to share with you what working with me and coaching looks like. It is also important for me to help you determine if you are committed to the process.

Read below what some of my clients have shared about working with me and the resulting impact on their business:

Before working with Vincent, decision-making was a little slow and my business was suffering as a result. Personally, I felt alone and isolated with nowhere to turn for impartial advice and support. Working together, he helped me jump off the hamster wheel and take a look at my business from a different perspective. I noticed the improvements fairly instantly as the meetings were a great outlet that brought refreshing new concepts to a stagnant mind. This has had a really beneficial impact on the business by giving me more focus and we now have systems in place to cover virtually every situation, so we are more responsive and versatile.
Warren Fox
Marketing Impressions
Prior to working with Vincent, I wasn't properly taking the time to plan for the growth of my business, which I found quite frustrating. Once we got started, we began to put a structure in place and this immediately paid off. The biggest impact has been the focus on creating objectives for the year and being held to account for their delivery. I also have a much better planning and monitoring process for my business with Vincent.
I really looked forward to our sessions and, on a personal level, I am much less tense. Having the regular catch up and time to think has made me better in myself and in my business.
Shane Twomey
Organisation Dynamics

These experiences illustrate the kind of changes that are possible when working with me.

As these experiences are unique to everyone, the best way to see if working with me can help you and your business is to have a coaching conversation with me.