About me

“The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking that we do first.”

– Nancy Kline

Why do I get a kick out of supporting business owners? 

I have been self-employed for over 25 years, as an accountant, business consultant, business turnaround specialist and more recently, a business coach.

Whilst I have spent all that time advising and supporting business owners, I also know what it is like on the other side. Prior to being a business owner, I worked in various senior financial roles for Irish and multinational corporations and then created a software distribution, based in Ireland and the UK, which I ultimately sold.

My work has always been about people and that is the aspect in each phase of my career that I always enjoyed – I just didn’t always realise it!

I always had a particular interest in seeing people in challenging situations and how they dealt with them. I also learned some hard lessons myself and came to realise from experience, reading, learning and sitting opposite psychotherapists and coaches: as a client, it is one’s thinking and consequent actions which create all of the circumstances in one’s career, business and personal life, both good and bad.

With this awareness, I developed a greater sense of understanding of people and it played a huge part in improving my life.

I also found myself having as many conversations with business clients about personal issues and challenges, as business conversations. In fact, many of the challenges that people experienced in their businesses were a direct result of beliefs, decisions and behaviours that were also impacting their personal lives.

It became clear to me that in the same way that I knew very little about life until my early forties, this was also the case for my clients. When I began to share with them some of my experiences and learnings, then they too began to understand many things about their own behaviours, thought patterns and the consequent impact on their lives, their families and their careers/businesses.

So, I now work with business owners who want to work on themselves. The business sizes vary but the owners share the fact that they are all either the sole owners or principal owners of the business. They share a desire to improve their circumstances, take full responsibility for their situation and they are open to learning and using thinking as the catalyst for the change they want to create.

Creating a Thinking Environment

My work is heavily influenced by the training I undertook to become a certified Time To Think Coach. It’s Founder Nancy Kline emphasises the importance of creating what she calls a “Thinking Environment” for the client and facilitating their thinking through the issue in hand and identifying the obstacles stopping them until they arrive at a solution that they wish to act upon.

The process is not complex. We start with the issue and from there, we explore, challenge and create possibilities.

If you are interested in learning more and experiencing the impact of a thinking environment, and you have the commitment and focus to do so, please click the button below to arrange a no obligation coaching conversation.