Small Regular Steps

Did you know that our current situation is the sum of all of the little steps taken, habits set and decisions made up to this point? A sobering thought, especially if ‘where you are’ is not ideal and you want something different.

Quick fixes to solve big problems

If the problem is weight or fitness or the fact that your business is not going well, then it is highly likely to be because you are eating too much of the wrong foods, you have stopped exercising or, in a business context, you are not doing the things that, for example, bring in more sales.

The problem with the way that we go about solving these issues is that we look for a quick fix – the extreme dietary regime, the expensive personal trainer or, in sales terms, buying into the latest sales boot camp or online marketing fad.

In other words, we try to fix a problem that has been created, gradually and over time with an immediate magic solution.

So, what should we do?

Well, we need to use the process that created the problem and put it to work for us!

Therefore, if it’s a weight issue, then it’s about examining our food intake and reducing sugar on a daily basis. If it is fitness, then a simple, regular exercise regime is required. Similarly, if it is about sales, then creating a habit of meeting a certain number of people each week and issuing a minimum number of proposals will boost performance.

Small, habitual actions

Begin simply and easily, just to establish the routine or habit. And don’t forget to keep track of progress – it is so satisfying and motivating to tick those ‘completed’ boxes on the chart on the fridge door or office whiteboard!

It’s Monday or it’s the 1st of the month – what better time to get a new schedule started? What do you want to change? Remember, it is the small, simple, habitual actions that will transform both you and your business. 

Go on, get to it!

Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash